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Research Themes

Current research is devoted to structural dynamics in chemistry and biology with focus on the physics of elementary processes in complex systems. At the Center for Physical Biology, the main research is in the development of four-dimensional (4D) ultrafast electron microscopy and diffraction for atomic-scale visualization in space and time. Together with spectroscopy and large-scale computations, the goal is to understand complexity and nature of physical, chemical and biological transformations.

A significant effort is also devoted to giving public lectures to enhance awareness of the value of knowledge gained from fundamental research, and helping the population of developing countries through the promotion of science and technology for the betterment of society.

Research Themes

Figure has been adapted from: A. H. Zewail, Visualizing Complexity: Development of 4D Microscopy and Diffraction for Imaging in Space and Time, in Visions of Discovery: New Light on Physics, Cosmology, and Consciousness, eds. R. Y. Chiao, W. D. Phillips, A. J. Leggett, M. L. Cohen, and C. L. Harper, Jr., Cambridge University Press, London (2010).

For an overview of current research directions, see recent reviews and perspective articles

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